Firmware Fix SCX 4833FR

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To order the firmware you want to print two reports.

Print reports: -

Turn the printer on, load at least five sheets of paper

In standby mode, press "Menu", the arrow is - "System Setup", Nazhmaem OK. arrow is "Reports", Nazhmaem OK, the arrow is "Configuration" Nazhmaem OK, confirm printing. after the report prints the configuration in the "Reports" scroll to "Consumables Information" Nazhmaem OK. confirm printing. After point "configuration" Nazhmaem OK, confirm printing.

The printer prints a report, which information we need - firmware version (Firmware / Engine Version) and serial number (Machine Serial Number). Crum №, serial number, you can also look at the back of the label printer.

An example of a configuration report.

Sample report about supplies.

You must have the following information:

1. The exact name of the device.

2. Serial number. The serial number can also be determined using the free program (Download)

(Payment) .

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