Firmware Fix ML-3750ND 

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To order the firmware you want to print two reports.

Print reports: -

Turn on the printer, download at least 2 sheets of paper

1 Print a report with information about the firmware
(Option 1), press 3 times the "Menu" button "down arrow" are 4 menu item - "System Setup", press OK. Press the "down arrow" look for the word "Reports", click OK, click the "arrow down" look for the word "Configuration", click OK to confirm printing.
After the report prints the configuration in the "Reports" scroll to "Consumables Information" (this item is immediately after the item "Configuration"), click OK to confirm printing.
(Option 2) Print the two reports: Configuration and Supplies
Configuration report (Menu> System Setup> Report> Configuration)
Supplies Information report (Menu> System Setup> Report> Supplies Info.)
(Option 3) If the printer is locked and do not print, print reports through the service menu: Press Menu, then press # and type in 1934, then look for the service menu: Report> Configuration and Report> Supplies Info

The printer prints a report, find - firmware (Firmware / Engine Version), serial number (Machine Serial Number) and CRUM number. Serial number, you can also look at the sticker behind the printer.

You must have the following information:

1. The exact name of the device.

2. Serial number. The serial number can also be determined using the free program (Download)

4. CRUM №

(Payment) .

The cost of the firmware: - the protection and without protection from update (NU) and (U) - p

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